Sixpence None The Richer – Self-Titled Album


I can’t recommend this album more.  It was released years ago (1997) but it continues to speak volumes to me as both an artist and as a Jesus-follower.  In an age of disposable singles, it is refreshing to truly find an “album” – that is, a body of songs written and recorded with the intention that they be heard together.  Most of the album was the work of band leader and multi-instrumentalist, Matt Slocum.  Every time I listen to the project i discover new layers that were previously undetected.  Great art is like great wine – improving over time and patiently revealing itself with each sip.  I recommend setting aside an hour, and listening to it from start to finish in headphones.  Take note of how each track progresses into the next.  Lyrically, i also find it speaks to the artist in all of us: describing the innate tension that exists between sub-creating, commerce and faith.

Sixpence None The Richer Official Site


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