Explosions In The Sky: Postcard from 1952

Director: Peter Simonite
Director: Annie Gunn
Written By: Annie Gunn, Peter Simonite
Music: Explosions in the Sky
Label: Temporary Residence Limited
Producer: Daniel Gibbs
Producer: Roka Music
Producer: Meredith DeLeon
Representation/Publicity: Fons PR, Nasty Little Man
Assistant Director: Katie Tull
2nd Assistant Director: Susan Jasso
Director of Photography: Peter Simonite
Camera Operator: Jefe Greenheart
Camera Operator: Julio Quintana
Assistant Camera: Rob McGrath
Production Designer: Chad Keith
Art Director, Set Decorator: Jonathan Guggenheim
Gaffer: Mark Manthey
Best Electric: Janet Jensen
Grip: Mark Andrus
Grip: Steve Drake
Best Grip: Janet Jensen
Wardrobe, Costumer: Kari Perkins
Hair: Adrianne Lashley
Makeup: Rachael Morgan, Morgan Campbell
Locations: Paul Knaus
Production Manager: Caroline Wallace
Production Assistant: Ralph Flores
Production Assistant: David McKay
Production Assistant: Jenny Annar Trochez
Production Assistant: Kari Leigh Rosenfeld
Production Assistant: Brittany Washington
Editor: Graham Hutchins
Editor: Joe Ashe
Digital VFX: Marlin Lask
Additional VFX: Graham Hutchins
Color: Joe Malina
Additional Color: Graham Hutchins
Media Manager: Dieter Galvan
Transcoding: Brandon Thomas at TBD Post
Special thanks to Kirk at GEAR Austin for additional support
Special thanks to Carolyn Ash Jones for use of her home
CAST (by appearance):
Mother with Camera: Shayla Jacobs
Bubble Girl: Ruby Storms Jacobs
Mother on Stairs: Anneke Swanson
Son/Raccoon Hat Boy: Memphis Hurta
Daughter/Stick Girl: Mackenzie Gorum
Baby at Piano: Ellie Lipson
Birthday Boy: Griffin Owen
Little Stevie: Emory Ott
Little Kathleen: Sienna Fons
Birthday Party Kids: Theo Richard, Walt Richard, Memphis Hurta
Baby in Driveway: Ezra Lipson
Christmas Kids: Seven Oldham, Jackson Edwards
Kathleen: Kathleen Carmichael
Birthday Cake Girl: Bethany Sprague
Girl in Window: Mila Webb
Stevie: Ryan Hall
Lady Doing Headstand: Denise Downs
Party-Goers: Brandy Fons, Shayla Jacobs
Piano Player: Evan Jacobs
Dog on Chair: Paris the Puggle
Bag-Head Boy: Noah Arnold
Older Kissing Couple: Bill and Debbie Pillow *


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