Tehillim: Volume Two. One song at a Time.

In 2011 a cohort of musicians got together and decided to embark upon a difficult feat: to put all of the Psalms to music, remaining as close to the original text/language as possible.  For lack a better title, the cohort (made of mostly Garden church musicians) became the Garden Variety.  The project was formally named “tehillim” which is the Hebrew word for Psalms.  In August of 2011 the first collection of  recordings were released as Volume One of the project.

Tehillim: Volume Two

Tehillim: Volume Two

I have accepted the task of recording and mixing the second installment which, admittedly has taken lot longer to complete than expected.  In an effort to get the music out sooner, I have decided to release Volume Two, one song at a time over the coming months.  When all 15 songs are completed Volume Two will be available for download in its entirety.

In the meantime, you can check out the first track of Volume Two: Psalm 7.


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